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Commercial & Industrial Generators

When you’re in charge of operations, there are a lot of moving pieces to secure, including emergency power generation.

Residential Power Generation

Whether it’s technology, medical equipment, security, or just convenience, you need backup power at your home.

Cathodic Protection

As an oil and gas pipeline manager, your hard work and skills are all that stand between the pipeline you protect and the corrosion seeking to break it down.

Air Compressors

AIRGuard compressor monitoring and control connects you instantly from anywhere to real-time information that prevents failure while maximizing efficiency.

Monitoring for Healthcare

Smart Annunciator

With so much riding on your backup generators, trust in OmniMetrix to provide the critical data you need to diagnose and prevent a failure from occurring.

Demand Response

Demand response pays you to be available to curtail energy loads when called upon by the grid operator. 

Your company relies on your vigilance & expertise to make sure that operations run smoothly. Whether you’re testing backup generators or guarding pipelines from corrosion, we provide peace of mind.

You need the right monitoring tools and support so you can be confident in your system. Remote monitoring with OmniMetrix enables you to create a system that is more proactive, accurate, and secure. When people are counting on you, count on OmniMetrix. Contact us today to learn more about our products and OmniView.