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You need to know that your backup generators will work during a power outage without having to visit them yourself.

OmniMetrix Innovative Monitoring Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Power Generation

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When you’re in charge of operations, there are a lot of moving pieces to secure, including emergency power generation. In fact, almost every other piece of your business depends on reliable energy. In many cases, it’s about more than moving business forward; power failure during an emergency would mean critical losses to your organization.

How it works.

OmniMetrix offers remote monitors for power generators with the most professional and friendly service team on the market to support your business. With LTE and satellite communication options, you’ll have a monitoring solution that’s as forward-thinking as you are.

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95% of Generator failures are preventable with solutions from OmniMetrix

Case Study: Health System Reduces Downtime, Receives Immediate Status Updates Using OmniMetrix Remote Monitoring


During Hurricane Sandy, 100% of Ocean County, New Jersey’s OmniMetrix monitored generators started without failure.


Our team will guide your technician through the entire installation process from start to finish. Whether your team is installing your first unit or your fiftieth, you can speak directly to our USA-based technicians and engineers to make sure everything kicks off perfectly.

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Your commitment to excellence means you and your team will want to take advantage of everything OmniMetrix monitors have to offer. OmniMetrix offers initial and ongoing training so that you get more than a set of tools; you’ll have the knowledge and power to get the most from them.

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Ongoing Service

No matter what happens, the support team at OmniMetrix is standing with you to make sure that your hardware and software stay operational, current, and optimized. You’re not just getting an OmniMetrix monitor: You’re getting the experience and reliability of the experts at OmniMetrix.

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  • OmniMetrix has been a true differentiator for us. A lot of companies promote the fact that they can service generators but few do it to the fullest extent to meet all of their customer’s needs. By offering OmniMetrix, it demonstrates to the customer that you are fully committed to the generator service business. In order for a piece of monitoring equipment to be effective, it has to work 24/7/365 and it has to have a service organization behind it doing the same. By offering this value added service, we give the customer the satisfaction of knowing that we are also monitoring their equipment in real time, have a live person to talk to any hour of the day, and have factory certified and authorized technicians on call and ready to go no matter what time of day you need us available. Companies that do generator service part-time or as a side business could never offer this level of service and it truly sets us apart. Since partnering with OmniMetrix, we have made them our exclusive provider of monitoring equipment as they are a true market leader utilizing cutting edge technologies.

    Jim Dunn

    BSEE, Executive Vice President | Warshauer

  • OmniMetrix allows us to monitor generators and know their state of readiness. They have gone above our expectations, they have given our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that their equipment will operate when needed. The technology allows us a pre-emptive strike: if there’s a storm in the forecast, we can proactively start a customer’s generator remotely and assess levels and proper functioning. This is what we do before hurricanes. We’ve been using OmniMetrix this way for several years.

    John McClure

    Vice President/General Manager | Modern Group Power Systems

FAQs about OmniMetrix Monitoring Solutions

If you like, updates will be delivered to you via text and email notifications. We also provide a convenient web-based portal for checking the current data from your generator in OmniView. OmniView is available at any time and allows you to check any data point on any of your monitored generators.

Secure, web-based management with OmniView.

OmniView lets you check the status of your generators from any place at any time.

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