Get All of Your Monitoring Data In One Place

Want to see the big picture on multiple monitors? Need to know one specific data point? OmniView lets you get the bird’s eye view and the closeup, and anything in between.

OmniView® works wherever you do.

With OmniView desktop, tablet, and mobile reporting, you can make a plan from your office just as easily as adapting to the situation while on the road. Stay up to date on your monitors at your convenience, freeing up more of your valuable time.

OmniView map computer

Adjust OmniView® settings to meet your needs.

When you need to stay in the know, OmniView sends you mobile updates, urgent text alerts, and other notifications depending on your account. However, if you only need general oversight and want to avoid distraction, adjustable settings allow you to toggle what you’ll hear, how frequently you’ll be notified, and what channels it will come through.

Of course, no matter what updates you choose, you can always go back and check your OmniView interface, which will track the same alerts and notifications.

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OmniView Home Screen icon

OmniView® Home Screen

See all of your units & data right when you log in! OmniView 2.0 provides users with access to all menu options & briefly summarizes the status of all units in your profile.

OmniView Home screen
OmniView Parameter Report screen
OmniView Parameter Report icon

Run Reports, More Customization, More Data

OmniView 2.0 offers more features, such as Run Reports, Customizable Dashboard, AQI Data, Multi-Factor Authentication & much more!

OmniView Alarm History icon

Alarm History

See all reported events in the life of the generator, rectifier or cathodic protection test station monitor.

OmniView Alarm History screen

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