Demand Response Program

Demand response pays you, as an OmniMetrix Partner, for having your customers available to curtail their energy loads when called upon by the grid operator.  Temporarily switching supply of their energy needs to the generator instead of the grid.


Our premier industrial and commercial power generator monitor, The TrueGuard-PRO comes in a variety of configurations, depending on your needs:

  • TrueGuard-PRO: Single generator system
  • TrueGuard-PRO Multi: Multiple engine applications
  • TrueGuard-PRO Mobile: Mobile generator system

When installing the TrueGuard-PRO on your generator, there are two different types of connections available. No matter which best fits your needs, your unit comes pre-configured to work universally with all major generator system controls.

FAQs about Demand Response

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OmniView lets you check the status of your backup generator from any place at any time.

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