Remote AC Mitigation Disconnect

Making AC Mitigation Easier

Introducing the Remote AC Mitigation Disconnect from OmniMetrix.  Designed to be used in conjunction with your existing SSD/PCR, the patented, innovative mechanical design, remotely disconnects or reconnects the SSD/PCR with a click of a button.  

How it works.

The RAD connects wirelessly via cellular or satellite networks to remotely disconnect/connect a SSD or PCR from the AC mitigation system.   The ability to control one-to-many RADs, eliminates the need to manually disconnect for surveys but also dramatically increases employee safety and reduces company expenditures. 

Remote AC Disconnect

Programmable Disconnect / Connect Commands

Performing CIS surveys is a big undertaking that requires a lot of planning and logistics.  Worrying about disconnecting your SSDs from the AC mitigation system shouldn’t be one of those.  Now, it doesn’t have to be.  OmniMetrix has developed the worlds first internet connected Remote AC Mitigation Disconnect machine that virtually eliminates the need for a SSD or PCR to be disconnected manually. 

Designed to be a direct replacement of existing manual disconnect, the patented internal mechanical system remotely “flips the switch” on your SSD/PCR from your laptop, tablet or cell phone.  

  • Solar powered with battery included
  • Control one-to-many RAD devices
  • Daily pipeline voltage checks
  • Increases employee safety
  • 4G LTE cellular or satellite communications

Schedule Disconnect Dates
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Easily Mounts to SSD/PCR Pedestal
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Locking Tamper Protection
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Eliminates Unnecessary Field Visits
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Durable NEMA 4X Enclosure
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No Additional Software to Install
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Built-in LED Diagnostic Indicators
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Built-in GPS Functionality
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Disconnected Alarm Notifications


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