An Annunciator as Sophisticated as Your Building

Internet Connected Remote Annunciator

The OmniMetrix Smart Annunciator is the sleek and modern alternative to old fashioned annunciators.  Say goodbye to a box with some lights and hello to a 5″ touch-screen display with a graphical interface and an audible alerting system.  With built-in, around-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities, the Smart Annunciator has it all.

How it works.

The OmniMetrix Smart Annunciator connects directly to your generator and displays its status on a large, easy-to-read touch-screen display.  With built-in remote monitoring, our state-of-the-art technology can also send urgent text and email notifications while giving you the ability to analyze data on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Receive NFPA110 and NFPA99 reports directly to your inbox!

The OmniMetrix Smart Annunciator provides the convenience of a typical annunciator but on an interactive 5″ touch-screen LCD display.  With its graphical interface coupled with our sophisticated remote generator monitoring technology, it’s never been easier to know the status of your generator your facility has.

Designed to work with any generator brand and display all the data that is available from the genset, you finally have one solution that fits any need, project and department.

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Text and Email Alerts
  • Unlimited User Access to OmniView

Visual Display of Alarms and Parameters
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Built-in Remote Monitoring
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LCD Touch-Screen Display
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Audible Alerting System
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NFPA Automated Compliance Reporting
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Wall or Flush Mounting Options
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Remote Diagnostics
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Detail Alarm & Fault History
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Instant Notifications via Email and Text
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Up to 1000 Alarm and Analog Conditions

FAQs about Smart Annunciator

Secure, web-based management with OmniView.

OmniView lets you check the status of your backup generator from any place at any time.

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