OmniMetrix Engineering Solutions

Providing Solutions to Complex Projects

In a world where virtually anything can be connected to the Internet, OmniMetrix has the experience and expertise needed to wirelessly connect your assets.  OmniMetrix offers customized installation, setup, configuration and hardware services your organization can rely on and trust.

When is Engineering Solutions a good fit?

Engineering Solutions comes in helpful when you need greater visibility and control of your critical assets. Our group of Engineers can assist with installations that go beyond the scope of the service teams or creating custom solutions to wirelessly connect your vital equipment.

Custom Remote Monitoring

On-site Design and Development

Electrical Engineering and Support

Data Integration

Installation Support

Secure, Cloud-based Data and Control Management.

OmniView lets you collect and analyze the data from your connected devices from any place at any time.

  • No additional software to buy
  • Reporting and data analytics tools
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • API interfaces
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OmniMetrix Engineering and Monitoring Projects

Healthcare Centers

When it comes to healthcare facilities, the proper equipment and installation can mean the difference between life or death. Whether we’re providing a custom solution or ensuring our products work on your complex systems, OmniMetrix has the experience you need.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

When operating a wastewater treatment facility, communities rely on you to keep their water safe.  Whether it’s monitoring a generator, pump or other critical assets, OmniMetrix can help ensure a smooth installation and extract the data you need.

Distribution Centers

Successful e-commerce requires distribution centers to run like well-oiled machines.  Generator or other critical component failures could cost millions of dollars in lost revenue.  With complex systems in place, our engineering solutions are backed by decades of experience. 

  • OmniMetrix has been a true differentiator for us. A lot of companies promote the fact that they can service generators but few do it to the fullest extent to meet all of their customer’s needs. By offering OmniMetrix, it demonstrates to the customer that you are fully committed to the generator service business. In order for a piece of monitoring equipment to be effective, it has to work 24/7/365 and it has to have a service organization behind it doing the same. By offering this value added service, we give the customer the satisfaction of knowing that we are also monitoring their equipment in real time, have a live person to talk to any hour of the day, and have factory certified and authorized technicians on call and ready to go no matter what time of day you need us available. Companies that do generator service part-time or as a side business could never offer this level of service and it truly sets us apart. Since partnering with OmniMetrix, we have made them our exclusive provider of monitoring equipment as they are a true market leader utilizing cutting edge technologies.

    Jim Dunn

    BSEE, Executive Vice President | Warshauer

  • OmniMetrix allows us to monitor generators and know their state of readiness. They have gone above our expectations, they have given our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that their equipment will operate when needed. The technology allows us a pre-emptive strike: if there’s a storm in the forecast, we can proactively start a customer’s generator remotely and assess levels and proper functioning. This is what we do before hurricanes. We’ve been using OmniMetrix this way for several years.

    John McClure

    Vice President/General Manager | Modern Group Power Systems

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FAQs about OmniMetrix Engineering Solutions

OmniMetrix Engineering Solutions is designed to assist in projects that may go beyond the scope of your service team.  Our professional group of engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.  We can assist in complex generator or pipeline monitoring projects or create solutions to many other types of mission critical assets.

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