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When lives are at stake, failure is not an option

OmniMetrix Innovative Power Generation Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare

A power failure can literally mean the difference between life and death.  With so much riding on your backup generators, trust in OmniMetrix to provide the critical data you need to diagnose and prevent a failure from occurring.

95% of Generator failures are preventable with solutions from OmniMetrix

Real-Time Data Your Patients Can Rely On.

  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Level
  • Coolant Status
  • Engine Running
  • Fuel Level
  • Instant Alarm Notifications and MORE!
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Thousands of critical facilities across North America rely on OmniMetrix to prevent generator failure.

nfpa 110 Reporting

Why take the time out of your busy schedule to personally visit each generator when you don’t have to?  OmniMetrix has developed specific NFPA 110 reports to aid in your compliance reporting.  Automatically generated, you will always have the most recent information and data needed to meet compliance.  Reach out to your Regional Sales Manager on how OmniMetrix can create a custom solution for you.

NFPA110 Report

instant alerts

With so much riding on your backup power, it’s imperative to know the status of your generator at any time. With instant alerts via email and text message, OmniMetrix will notify you and your staff the moment an alarm is triggered. 

Ongoing Service

No matter what happens, the support team at OmniMetrix is standing with you to make sure that your hardware and software stay operational, current, and optimized. You’re not just getting an OmniMetrix monitor: You’re getting the experience and reliability of the experts at OmniMetrix.

  • “With so many generators spread out over two counties, it is imperative to know when a generator is running due to a power failure, or when a generator requires service (particularly after hours).  We need one solution to monitor all our generators – for reliability and run status.”

    Frank Kinik

    Humility of Mary Health Partners, Director of Facilities

  • OmniMetrix allows us to monitor generators and know their state of readiness. They have gone above our expectations, they have given our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that their equipment will operate when needed. The technology allows us a pre-emptive strike: if there’s a storm in the forecast, we can proactively start a customer’s generator remotely and assess levels and proper functioning. This is what we do before hurricanes. We’ve been using OmniMetrix this way for several years.

    John McClure

    Vice President/General Manager | Modern Group Power Systems

Custom Engineering

For organizations that have complex systems requiring specialized knowledge, OmniMetrix offers custom installation, setup and configurations services.  One of our senior power generation engineers will accompany you throughout the entire process from planning to installation ensuring a seamless integration.

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Engineering Solutions

FAQs about OmniMetrix Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare

OmniMetrix provides a convenient web-based portal for checking the current data from your generator in OmniView. OmniView is available at any time on any device and allows you to check any data point on any of your monitored generators.

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