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Introducing the R.A.D

Remote AC mitigation Disconnect

Introducing the Remote AC Mitigation Disconnect from OmniMetrix.  Designed to be used in conjunction with your existing SSD/PCR, the patented, innovative mechanical design, remotely disconnects or reconnects the SSD/PCR with a click of a button. 


We know you need the toughest and most dependable monitoring units to pull the right data for your pipeline. Adding OmniMetrix remote monitors to your area of operations offers much more than just the measuring tools to get the job done. The OmniMetrix Hero 2 rectifier monitor also synchronizes with all competitor models.

All of our pipeline monitoring units include:

Cellular and satellite remote transmission options to reach anywhere you need
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OmniView secure website portal and mobile app, available from any internet enabled device
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Compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49, Parts 192 and 195
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Assignment of an OmniMetrix technical specialist who is familiar with your remote monitoring unit (RMU) locations, your asset integrity program, and your team.

Hero™ 2 Rectifier Monitor


The Hero™ 2 Rectifier Monitor by OmniMetrix, has been completely redesigned to offer flexibility and convenience; without sacrificing the integrity of your pipeline!  It’s forward thinking modular design decreases installation time, reduces lightning surge damage and allows for easy technology upgrades.  It’s versatility allows for installation inside the rectifier or externally in a NEMA 4X enclosure.

NEW enhancements:

  • 60% Smaller Footprint
  • Modular Design
  • Field Replaceable Components
  • AC or DC Power Options
  • AC or DC SSR Options
  • Diagnostic Indicators
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All of our pipeline monitoring units include:

Unlimited GPS Interruption

The Hero 2 rectifier monitor product line includes GPS-synchronized rectifier interruption. Interruption cycles for one or multiple rectifiers can be commanded remotely through our online portal, OmniPRO. You can easily schedule on times, off times and daily schedules simultaneously, eliminating the time and effort of installing portable interrupters at each rectifier before performing a CIS or DCVG survey.

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OmniUpdate is OmniMetrix patented technology that performs remote software updates.  There is no need to purchase multiple versions of firware or make periodic field visits to the monitor with a laptop.  The Hero’s firmware is automatically updated over the air so that all units are always running the most current verison.

Tap Commander™

The Tap Commander is an optional accessory for the OmniMetrix® Hero™ or Hero™ 2 Rectifier Monitor that enables remote adjustment of the rectifier voltage normally performed on-site at the rectifier. The Tap Commander connects to standard rectifiers with up to 6 Coarse and 6 Fine tap positions.


  • 40A or 16A availability
  • Reduces field visits and operating costs
  • Remotely adjusts tap settings
  • Ideal for frequent changes in ground bed resistance
Spec Sheet
Hero Rectifier Monitor Tap Commander

The Patriot Plus Test Station & Bond Monitor

The Patriot Plus, our elite triple coupon test station and bond monitor, is designed as a self-contained wireless remote monitoring system that meets all your cathodic protection needs.


OmniPRO is a new data management site offered by OmniMetrix. Keeping track of critical data, assets, and your team has never been easier.

Spec Sheet
Patriot Test Station Monitor

Coupons may be used when any of the following conditions occur:

Current from multiple rectifiers must be interrupted synchronously or non-synchronously
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Foreign CP systems are present in the area, for which either the locations are unknown or the rectifiers cannot be interrupted, resulting in IR-Drop errors in the off-potential measurement
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Sacrificial anodes are directly connected and cannot be interrupted, resulting in IR-drop errors in the off-potential measurement
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Long-line or telluric currents that result in IR-drop errors that interruption cannot eliminate
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Stray current that causes significant IR-drop errors in the off-potential measurement
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Structures utilizing polarization or depolarization criterion
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Appendix D1, Criteria for Cathodic Protection CFR 49 Part 192
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Locally corrosive areas in an otherwise noncorrosive environment
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Rapid IR spikes immediately following interruption that cause errors in the off-potential measurement
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Multiple pipelines in the same right-of-way that produce interference with one another
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The structure may be under the influence of alternating current
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No known CP problem exists, but additional information is desired

Flex™ Module

The Flex Module is an optional accessory for the Omnimetrix® Hero™ or Hero™ 2 Rectifier Monitor that enables monitoring of up to three separate Rectifier Voltages and Currents using a single Rectifier Monitor.


  • Monitor up to three rectifiers or six shunts with same Hero Rectifier Monitor
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reduces additional monitoring expenses
Spec Sheet
Hero Rectifier Monitor Flex Module

Custom Solutions

Looking to remotely monitor or control other aspects of your pipeline?  Put our engineers to the test and let us customize a solution for you.  Contact us today to start a discussion.

Your data belongs to you

With cellular transmission through OmniMetrix, cathodic protection specialists have access to unlimited data gathering for one flat rate. Pull whatever information you need as many times as you like at no additional cost; it’s your data.

This includes your historic data records as well. From day one onward, OmniMetrix maintains your data and makes it available to you at no extra charge.

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