Air compressor monitoring and control keeps your facility running at peak efficiency

OmniMetrix Innovative Monitoring and Control Solutions for Air Compressors

Air Compressors are one of the most important pieces of machinery in your facility.  AIRGuard compressor monitoring and control connects you instantly from anywhere to real-time information 24 x 7 x 365 that prevents failure while maximizing efficiency.

How it works.

AIRGuard easily connects to your air compressor’s control panel via hardwire connections or the data rich modbus port.  Using state-of-the-art technology, OmniMetrix retrieves and transmits vital information to our cloud based system, OmniView.  With the ability to view and diagnose critical information from a PC, tablet or phone, AIRGuard is the clear choice in air compressor monitoring.

OmniMetrix Provides One of the Most Comprehensive Compressor Monitoring Devices on the Market

The OmniMetrix AIRGuard wireless remote monitoring and control system is the reliable, cost-effective solution for air compressor monitoring.  It connects to most modbus enabled air compressor systems to easily access and diagnose potential issues and failures.  The AIRGuard system has the ability to monitor key items that provide peace of mind and increases reliability and efficiency.

Once your unit is active, all programming and updates are completed over the air at no additional cost; there’s no local software to install. Both your monitor data and updates are transmitted over cellular networks, so you’ll never have to hard wire your unit for transmission.

Air Pressure and Temperature
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Downstream Flowrate and Dewpoint Monitoring
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Compressor Warning and Shutdowns
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Run & Load Hours, Motor Current
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Remote Diagnostics
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Detail Alarm & Fault History
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Instant Notifications via Email or Text
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Up to 256 Alarm and Analog Conditions

The Power of Data and Analytics


With something as important as your facilities air compressor, it’s vital your company’s operation stays up and running at all costs.  Utilizing innovative technology like AIRGuard, now you can detect failures which used to have gone  unnoticed until it was too late.  Whether being used internally or in conjunction with your maintenance provider, AIRGuard prevents failures from occurring.


OmniMetrix can provide more data and more insight to make the proper choices and decisions as it relates to your air compressors.  By utilizing over 20 years of IoT/M2M industry knowledge, we’ve designed a product that provides unlimited data, reporting & graphing tools for all your data analytical needs.


Why take the time out of your busy day to physically check your compressors, when the information you need is on your phone or desktop computer?  The AIRGuard monitoring system proactively notifies you and/or a maintenance provider if any particular parameter reaches a critical point that may cause a failure.  Solving a problem, before it’s a problem, makes everyone more efficient.

FAQs about OmniMetrix Monitoring Solutions

If you like, updates will be delivered to you via text and email notifications. We also provide a convenient web-based portal for checking the current data from your air compressor in OmniView. OmniView is available at any time and allows you to check any data point on any of your monitored compressors.

Secure, web-based management with OmniView.

OmniView lets you check the status of your air compressors from any place at any time.

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