OmniMetrix Technology Can Prevent 95% Of Power Generator Failures

With an OmniMetrix remote monitor, you can track a multitude of major and minor failure points in a generator system, including:

Battery Voltage (Charger Failure, Weak Battery, Stolen)
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Fuel (Level and/or Pressure)
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Coolant (Level and/or Temperature, Block Heater Failure)
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Oil (Level and/or Pressure)
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Unaddressed System Alarms (Not in Auto, Shutdown)
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Missed Exercise


Our premier industrial and commercial power generator monitor, The TrueGuard-PRO comes in a variety of configurations, depending on your needs:

  • TrueGuard-PRO: Single generator system
  • TrueGuard-PRO Multi: Multiple engine applications
  • TrueGuard-PRO Mobile: Mobile generator system

When installing the TrueGuard-PRO on your generator, there are two different types of connections available. No matter which best fits your needs, your unit comes pre-configured to work universally with all major generator system controls.

  • Basic Hardwire: 8 Alarm Inputs, 2 Analog Inputs & 2 Relay Outputs
  • Feature Rich Modbus (RS232/485): 128 Alarm Inputs, 128 Analog Inputs & 2 Relay Outputs

Most monitors can be installed by your technician in less than 60 minutes, and all monitors come with pre-engineered cables and installation instructions.


Automate Your NFPA and Compliance Reporting with OmniMetrix Remote Monitoring

NFPA110 Report Example

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OmniView Can Help Keep You Air Quality Index (AQI) & AQMD Compliant

Learn More About AQI

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Generator Monitors Provide Proactive Approach for Historic University


Once your unit is active, all programming and updates are completed over the air at no additional cost; there’s no local software to install!

Your OmniMetrix TrueGuard-PRO unit also comes with three different transmission options for getting the data from your generator to your interface:

  • LTE cellular
  • Iridium Satellite
  • LAN/Ethernet

Remember, a generator system under constant electronic monitoring provides much more reliability than a system inspected 1 to 4 times per year.

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