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When you sell power generators, ongoing service is vital to the client relationship.

OmniMetrix Innovative Monitoring Solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Power Generation Dealers

As a power generator dealer, you provide more than a product: you provide peace of mind.

But to remain reliable, even the best power generators require routine tests, ongoing service, and regular maintenance. You know this, and provide a valuable service to client in offering long-term service engagements.

Now you can vastly improve the effectiveness, cost, and quality of your service engagements by including remote monitors with power generators you sell.

Rely more on data, not on trucks.

Remote monitors offer better scalability as the number of generators you service grows. Each new monitor only requires one-time installation and integration, as opposed to managing a much larger fleet of trucks and team of technicians.

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Remote monitors check power generator statuses in real time, exponentially growing the effectiveness and value of your service contracts.

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Monitoring allows you to make better use of skilled service personnel, whose experience is wasted in routine checks. Since it’s also impossible to multiply your skilled technicians when real challenges arise, it’s vital to keep them free from basic tasks.

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Remote monitoring is vastly less expensive over time than transporting personnel on the clock to conduct routine checks.

OmniMetrix provides the best power generator monitors and support team, hands down.

OmniMetrix devices use LTE signal to transmit data, making them reliable, long-lasting, and easy to install. Once live, our OmniView interface lets you view all the generators you service at once or dive into the details on an individual genset.

Our devices integrate with any generator, new or old, through analog and MODBUS options. We will support your technicians remotely through the installation phase, and once your technicians install the monitors and step away, you can continue to run tests on monitors remotely.

And no matter when you need us, our support team stands behind your team. When your clients rely on you for ongoing service, you can rely on OmniMetrix.

98% of Generator failures are preventable with solutions from OmniMetrix

Here’s why power generator dealers choose OmniMetrix.

“OmniMetrix provided tools that enable us to track info and have it on hand for inspectors. Whenever we needed their assistance to close a deal or to give a presentation they were always there to help. The team they have in place is very good. Their tech support is good and accessible. When I’ve needed something, they’ve stepped up.”

David Bratton

Vice President Western Region | Bay Diesel Corporation

“We have been utilizing the OmniMetrix monitoring services for the better part of 10 years now. OmniMetrix has given us the capability to stay on top with the advancements they’ve made in our industry. From the generation of service calls or a proactive approach to generator system health, OmniMetrix has without a doubt the most advanced product on the market and its ease of access from a web browser is a huge selling point for us. There are 1,000 positive things I could say regarding OmniMetrix and the product they support. OmniMetrix undoubtedly has the best product on the market for monitoring generators and related peripheral systems.”

Ryan Hannigan

Fidelity Power Systems

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