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Preventing pipeline corrosion requires the best technicians with the right equipment for the job.

OmniMetrix Innovative Solutions for Cathodic Protection Pipeline Monitoring

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As an oil and gas pipeline manager, your hard work and skills are all that stand between the pipeline you protect and the corrosion seeking to break it down. Given the amount of pipeline you’re responsible for and the timing of pipeline compliance, you want the best tools so you can pull off your job without a hitch.

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How it works.

OmniMetrix offers remote pipeline monitors for cathodic protection with the data points you need and a service team you can trust. With LTE and satellite communication options, you’ll always have the information you need on technology that will last longer than any monitoring alternative on the market.

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Getting your monitors installed is easy with the education and guidance our support team provides. Whether you’re starting your free trial period or you’re implementing additional new units, you can speak directly to our USA-based technicians and engineers to make sure everything kicks off perfectly.

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Your dedication to the job means you’ll want to know how to maximize the use of your pipeline monitors. OmniMetrix offers initial and ongoing training so that you get more than a set of tools; you’ll have the knowledge and power to get the most from them.

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Ongoing Service

No matter what happens, the support team at OmniMetrix is standing with you to make sure that your hardware and software stay operational, current, and optimized. You’re not just getting an OmniMetrix monitor: You’re getting the experience and reliability of the experts at OmniMetrix.

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OmniMetrix provides exceptional customer service. Anytime I have an issue with equipment or a question with a product, they take care of it in a day. They have satisfied every monitoring need I have.

Mike Magee

Corrosion Supervisor | Boardwalk Pipeline

FAQs about OmniMetrix Monitoring Solutions

OmniMetrix products are manufactured, produced, and serviced in the USA. We also customize monitors to fit with what you already have in the field and add value to your existing monitoring system. With OmniMetrix, you’ll also have access to unlimited data gathering through a flat rate so you can pull as much information as you want without additional charges. With proprietary features such as StormSense, OmniUpdate and many others, it is easy to see the difference. Contact us to find out more.

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