SmartStatus Generator Monitoring App

What control panels are compatible with the SmartStatus App?

Currently the SmartStatus generator monitoring app is compatible with residential Generac generators that utilize the Nexus or Evolution control panel at this time.

Are there plans to expand the capabilities and control panels that the app supports?

We will continue to improve the app to encompass additional control panels for both residential and commercial / industrial generators.

Why can’t I see my generator(s) listed?

The most common reason your generator(s) do not show on the app is due to the application not supporting the control panel your generator utilizes.  We will continue to expand the control panels that are supported.

Why can’t I login to the SmartStatus monitoring app?

In order to login to the app, you will need to have login credentials to the OmniView data management site that includes company name, username and password.  If you are the end-user, please contact your maintenance provider.  Dealer partners can contact your company administrator for access.

I have login access to OmniView, but can’t access the app?

Please verify that you are entering all credentials properly.  Please note any upper case, lower case and/or spaces between words as this would prohibit access.

Why doesn’t the SmartStatus app show my location?

The SmartStatus app utilizes the address provided to us at the time of installation.  If the address was missing or is invalid, this may cause inaccuracies with pertinent weather notifications.

I received a notification that my generator has an active alarm. Now what?

More than likely, your maintenance provider is aware of this as well.  Since OmniMetrix only provides the monitoring, any questions regarding the maintenance of your system should be directed to your maintenance company and not OmniMetrix.

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