OmniMetrix Technology Can Prevent  95% Of Home Power Generator Issues

Remote monitoring for your backup power generator has to be reliable, cost effective, and easy to use. OmniMetrix is committed to providing remote monitors that meet those needs for clients with residential power generators.

With an OmniMetrix remote monitor in place, you can remote start and stop your generator for testing. Depending on your unit, you’ll also be able to remotely track vital readings in your generator, including:

Battery Voltage (Charger Failure, Weak Battery, Stolen)
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Fuel (Level and/or Pressure)
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Oil (Level and/or Pressure)
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Coolant (Level and/or Temperature, Block Heater Failure)
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Unaddressed System Alarms (Not in Auto, Shutdown)
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Missed Exercise

TrueGuard 2

Our residential power generator monitor, the TrueGuard 2, offers simple, reliable, cost-effective monitoring compatible with any home power generator.

Most monitors can be installed by your service technician in less than 60 minutes, and all monitors come with pre-engineered cables and installation instructions. Our US-based OmniMetrix team will also support your technician should you need any additional assistance before, during, or after installation.

Once your unit is active, all programming and updates are completed over the air at no additional cost; there’s no local software to install. Both your monitor data and updates are transmitted over cellular networks, so you’ll never have to hard wire your unit for transmission.

After you set up your notification preferences for both you and your servicer, you can rest easy. Should you need to, you’re always free to check the status of your generator through our user-friendly OmniView portal, available wherever you have an internet connection.


SmartStatus Generator Monitoring App

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Compatible with residential Generac Nexus and Evolution control panels

Remember, a home power generator under constant electronic monitoring is much more reliable than a system inspected only a few times per year.

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