Introducing the OmniPRO Data Management System

21st Century Data Management System for Cathodic Protection

Finally, a CP software system that meets your data needs and provides flexibility to your business.  Keeping track of critical data, assets and your team has never been easier.

How it works.

The OmniPRO data management system seamlessly integrates with OmniMetrix remote monitoring products like the Hero 2 Rectifier Monitor and the Patriot & Patriot PLUS Test Station Monitor.  With the proper API functions, OmniPRO is compatible with outside data sources providing flexibility to meet your demands.  Creating custom alerts and sending interrupt commands take just a couple clicks freeing up more of your time.

OmniPRO Product Sheet

OmniPRO offers the flexibility to design the system you need at a price you deserve

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The OmniPRO cloud-based data management system gives organizations the power to effectively manage their data and assets like never before.  Built with the user in mind, you can now monitor and control your IoT products quicker, faster and easier with increased functionality.

Want to expand your platform?  No problem!  OmniPRO was designed to allow companies to quickly customize their platform to meet the needs of the business and increase efficiencies with minimal costs.

Real Time Data Gathering and Graphing
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Custom Configurations
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Downloadable Data and Reporting
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Upload Survey Data
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Asset Tracking via the OmniPRO App
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Track Time & Material Jobs
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Graph Survey Data
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Upload Pictures and Tag Problem Areas with GPS Coordinates
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Connect to Other Data Resources or ERP Systems
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Track Alarm and Command Events by Monitor
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One-touch Driving Directions
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Manage Employees, Suppliers and Consumables

Software That Works for You


The power of creating a system you need is within your reach.  We can incorporate as much or as little information as you need.  Together with our team, we will gather your specific system requirements and incorporate additional enhancements to make your company more efficient.  Need to differentiate features from one user to another?  No problem, we can handle that too!


A software system shouldn’t have to require hours upon hours of training classes that YOU have to pay for.  The intuitive OmniPRO data management system provides a data reach environment combining a user-interface that is easy to learn and understand.  You have more important things to worry about than learning a new software platform!


OmniPRO allows for better decision making and greater business insights based on your day-to-day data.

  • Track time and material jobs
  • Coordinate with your team on planned assignments
  • View real-time field issues
  • View alarms and commands by monitoring device

FAQs about the OmniPRO Data Management System

If you are an existing OmniView user, that system will still be fully functional as your migrations are in progress.  After the implementation is complete, your new OmniPRO system will be your main platform for all your data needs.

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