Case Study: Health System Reduces Downtime, Receives Immediate Status Updates Using OmniMetrix® Remote Monitoring (PDF)

“With so many generators spread out over two counties, it is imperative to know when a generator is running due to a power failure, or when a generator requires service (particularly after hours). We needed one solution to monitor all our generators – for reliability and run status.”

Frank Kinik, Director of Facilities

For hospitals and health care service providers, equipment needs range from compliance and daily operations to backup and emergency systems. And while for most hospitals, things like emergency power are rarely used, when they are needed, failure is not an option. For Humility of Mary Health Partners, remote monitoring helped ensure ideal generator performance when primary power failed.

Humility of Mary Health Partners (HMHP) began providing health care services to residents of Northeast Ohio more than 100 years ago. HMHP is a region of Catholic Health Partners (CHP) in Cincinnati, the largest health system in Ohio, and one of the largest Catholic health systems in the United States.