Specific Questions

How long is my data stored?

For as long as you have a monitoring agreement.

Are your servers secured or backed up?

Yes, they are backed up in an offsite secure data center.

We have sites in multiple states. Can I observe all of them from one web page?


I have multiple sites in different regions. Can the units be organized to fit those regions?


What is the difference between Company Admin, Company User, Monitor Config, User Config and Command Rights

  • Company Admin – Gives users the ability to see all units on the company home page, web page modification, command rights display items, first page parameters and footnotes
  • Company User – Gives users the ability to see all  units on the company home page
  • Monitor Config – Gives user the right to configure units
  • User Config – Gives user the ability to see, add or delete message recipients and to configure users to the system
  • Command Rights – Gives the users the rights to send commands to the monitoring unit (i.e. remote start/stop)

Where is the GPS button?

The “GPS” locate icon can be accessed by clicking on the unit ID number button.  If the unit has valid GPS coordinates, the globe icon will appear directly below the unit ID.  When that icon is clicked, a new window will open showing a pin at the exact location of the unit.  If you hover your mouse over the pin, the unit description will appear.  If you click the pin, all of the alarm and parameter conditions will appear on your screen.

You can also access the GPS function by hovering over the “GPS” menu and selecting “Map All Units” or, when the  unit ID has been clicked, choose “Map Unit.”

Why don’t I see a GPS button?

The GPS icon (a little blue and green globe) will appear only when there are valid GPS coordinates on the “Edit Machine” page.  Your service provider can manually insert the Latitude and Longitude values on the Machine edit page.  There is a link next to the Longitude box, “Find GPS By Address,” that will give your provider the latitude and longitude values once the address for the location is input.  Enter the appropriate coordinates (ex: Longitude: -98.4875, Latitude: 29.42273) and click submit.  Your GPS button should now be visible.

What does the red “X” and/or yellow highlighted boxes mean?

A red “X” under the Alarm header means that one of the monitored inputs is in a state that has been defined as an Alarm. To determine just what the alarm is, just move your mouse over the red “X“, and when the “Hand” appears, click. A new page will open showing which alarm or alarms are present. A green check mark indicates “No alarms”. The box under the “Fault” header operates just like the Alarm box, but indicates that one of the Analog inputs has exceeded the programmed limit. Just click on the red “X” to see what has caused the fault.

It is possible that your “alarm box” will be highlighted in a yellow color.  This indicates that the generator failed to perform its weekly exercise.  A yellow highlighted “Age of Last Data” box indicates that the unit has not connected with our server for a predetermined amount of time (24 hours for generator monitors, 48 hours for cathodic protection equipment).  Both of these conditions indicate a service call is needed.

NOTE:  You can call Tech support at +1 800.854.7342 for additional help.

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