Specific Questions

How long is my data stored?

For as long as you need it stored.

Are your servers secured or backed up?

Yes, they are backed up in an offsite secure data center.

We have sites in multiple states. Can I observe all of them from one web page?


I have multiple sites in different regions. Can the units be organized to fit those regions?


What is the difference between admin/config/command?

A user with “Company Admin” privileges has the ability to change company-level settings and display items. A user with the “Company User” attribute has the ability to view all units on the company page, and all pages that are children of that page. (For example, the main page, plus the individual department unit listings.) Without this attribute, the user can only view units to which they are subscribed for messages. A user with “Config” has the ability to make configuration changes on units, including defining messaging recipients, and configuring alarms and faults. A user with “Command” has the ability to send commands to the monitoring units.

Why is my remote start button grayed out?

If the monitor is not wired to the remote start terminals on the genset, we gray out the buttons to indicate that the remote start function is not present. OR, You may not have high enough login rights for commands.

Why is my link box yellow?

The G8500 series operates in a way that allows it to go into a “standby mode” when there is no reportable activity. When this standby state occurs, we note the flag with yellow color. You can send the “GET DATA” command to cause the device to rejoin the network.

Where is the GPS button?

The “GPS” locate button is located next to the “select” button on each unit. When your unit has valid GPS coordinates, the button will appear. When it is present, you may click on it and a widow will open, showing a pin at the exact location of the unit. If you “right” click on the pin, the coordinates will appear. You may take those values and enter them into a portable GPS unit and let it “drive” you to your unit. You can zoom in on the map and know what the location looks like before you head out.

Why don’t I see a GPS button?

The GPS button (a little blue and green globe) will appear only when there are valid GPS coordinates on the “Edit Machine” page. To get a valid set of coordinates, if the remote unit has a GPS installed, just send the command “GPS location”. Once the unit responds, the values will automatically insert themselves into the proper fields on the “Machine edit” page. When the user main page refreshes, the GPS button will appear.

If the unit does NOT have a GPS installed, you can still manually insert the Lat and Long values. On the Machine edit page, there is a link next to the Lat and Long boxes that will take you a site that will provide you with the values once you give it the address of the location. Once you have the coordinates, enter them in the appropriate box as Longitude: -98.4875, Latitude:29.42273. Once you press the submit button on the machine edit page, the button will appear on the user main page. HINT: if you press the submit button and the values you just put in disappear, you most likely reversed the Lat and Long.

What do the red/yellow/green boxes mean?

Red under the Running header generally means the unit is STOPPED. It can also be configured to mean that the unit is RUNNING. It is user defined. Green is the opposite of whatever Red was defined to be. A Red box under the Alarm header means that one of the monitored inputs is in a state that has been defined as an Alarm. To determine just what the alarm is, just move your mouse over the red box, and when the “Hand” appears, click. A new page will open showing which alarm or alarms are present. A Green box indicates “No alarms”. The box under the “Fault” header operates just like the Alarm box, but indicates that one of the Analog inputs has exceeded the programmed limit. Just click on the box to see what has caused the fault.

Under the “Data Link” box, the most common color is Yellow. This means the unit is in an SMS standby mode and will come on line when any request for data or command is sent to it. One it has received the command (when you have sent it a command) it will turn Green, indicating the unit is connected and is retrieving the command you sent. This will take @ 1 minute. You will have to refresh you screen to see when the indicator turns Green. When it is Green, any commands sent will be acted on almost immediately. No waiting for the SMS process. After five minutes of no activity, the unit will revert to a Yellow condition. If the box is Red, the unit was unable to respond to any commands, and it should be checked.

NOTE: the unit may very well send it next report and then revert to the SMS (Yellow) mode. If the box is Red for more than 24 hrs, check the “raw data” to see the last reported date. If it is days old, there is a problem that should be investigated. You can call Tech support at +1 800.854.7342 for additional help.

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