Pre-Install Process

Why do I have to do this?

We are always looking into ways to better the customer experience and have moved to this process to reduce the time spent by our customers activating their OmniMetrix monitor. We estimate by doing this, it will reduce the time spent on activations by 50%.

Can I continue to call OmniMetrix with pre-activation information?

We are always happy to help whenever you need it, but this will be our new process going forward. Training can be provided for your employees at no charge. Please contact us to set up a web training session. This process will greatly reduce your technician’s time on-site and improve wait times when calling our tech support department.

What benefits do I gain from this new pre-activation process?

  • Reduces activation time by up to 50%.
  • Raises your customer’s satisfaction level being that you will have set up the message recipients before the monitor is activated.
  • Reduces on-site Technician wait times to speak with OmniMetrix Technical Support.

How far ahead should I pre-activate my OmniMetrix monitor?

You can pre-activate the monitor within 24 hours of the actual install, however 48 hours is preferred.

What if I do not have time to do this?

We have developed this feature to save our customers time. This process to input the data for the pre-activation takes just a few minutes to complete.

Can I schedule training for my technicians?

Yes, we can schedule a 15-20 minute training session to teach your company this process. Please contact us to set it up.

Will I still get support from OmniMetrix if I have an issue?

Yes, absolutely! Our Technical Support team is standing by to help with any needs you may have. By changing to this process, it will reduce wait times and help better the customer support that we value so much.

How does this affect my customer?

This will improve the experience for your customer by having everything set up before you go on-site. There will be less time waiting by your customer for the technician to set up their OmniMetrix generator monitor.

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