Messaging Questions

I don’t want messaging, why do I have to pay for the monitoring fee?

Data is not free. The monitoring fee covers the following:

  • Transporting the data
  • Archiving the information
  • Monitoring the system
  • Automatic alerts via text an email.

Can I receive messages from one group of alarms, and my associates receive others that they are responsible for?


Does it cost extra to have more message recipients?


I’m not getting emails. Why?

One of three things is occurring:

  1. Our system is not sending you emails. Verify that message-generating actions have occurred on the monitoring unit in question, and that you are subscribed to that monitor’s messages.
  2. Your email server/provider is rejecting our emails. Verify that your email address in our system is correct, that you have space available in your email account, and that email from [email protected] is not being blocked by your mail server.
  3. Your email client is incorrectly identifying the mail as spam. Review your junk email filtering rules, and check your junk mail folders to see if they contain any missed email.

I’m getting too many emails. Make it stop!

If you receive multiple identical messages, you may be subscribed multiple times. Ask OMX to check for repeated entries. It may also be that you are receiving messages about more conditions than you need. Some conditions are redundant. Perhaps you can subscribe only to the top-level alarms (common alarm) and not the lower level alarms that are bundled up into the common alarm.

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