Installation Questions

How long does it take to install your monitor?

Most installations take an hour or less.

Who sets up and configures the monitor on OMNIVIEW™, the customer web-based data management center?

Technical Support will assist you in setting up and configuring your monitor.

Do I need specific software to operate the monitor?

No additional software is needed as the data is web-based via OMNIVIEW™. Updates are automatic via over-the-air connectivity programming.

If I am using the LAN version, do I have to program my router?

The field device does not have to be programmed. It operates on TCP/IP.

Will I need firewall permission from my customer for your product to work?

If LAN connected, the network administrator needs to be aware; however, they should not have to do anything to their system. OmniMetrix monitors are designed to be plug and play.

How will this affect my internal networking?

It will not affect it at all.

Do I need a phone line at the generator?


How does it attach to the generator?

We provide pre-designed cables, antenna, and magnetic mount.

What connectors and cables will I need?


Is there an external antenna?

Yes. It easily attaches with our magnetic holder (included).

Does your monitor work on 12 or 24 volts?

It works on either 12 or 24 volts

Does your monitor require dry contact for alarm points?

It is preferred, but not required.

My generator is attached to a building maintenance management system; could I add your monitor?

Probably, but first contact OmniMetrix Technical Support to discuss.

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