General Cathodic Protection Monitoring Questions

What sets OmniMetrix apart from competitors and current technology in the CP field?

OmniMetrix products are manufactured, produced, and serviced in the USA. We also customize monitors to fit with what you already have in the field and add value to your existing monitoring system. With OmniMetrix, you’ll also have access to unlimited data gathering through a flat rate so you can pull as much information as you want without additional charges. With proprietary features such as StormSense, OmniUpdate and many others, it is easy to see the difference. Contact us to find out more.

How accessible are your technical services and support teams?

You will have your own technician assigned to your OmniMetrix account, and that technician will know where your monitors are and what else you’ll have in the field. This ongoing support relationship means you’ll have the added benefits of knowing your technician and having your technician know your individual needs and strengths.

Do you offer any sort of trial period to test the CP monitors and software?

Yes, OmniMetrix offers a free CP monitor trial period of 90 days. We install your trial monitors at no cost to you. You’ll also receive free software training as if you purchased the product so you can fully immerse yourself during the engagement. This trial allows you to gauge the quality of CP monitoring for yourself, and then decide on whether to keep the product. The OmniMetrix trial comes with no cost, no commitment, and you get the actual experience to know exactly what you would purchase.

What data transmission options do you offer?

When you monitor with remote cellular signal through OmniMetrix, we check with AT&T and Verizon cellular providers to determine the strength of signal at your remote monitoring locations.

If cellular strength is insufficient, we offer satellite uplinks that can reach the remotest locations with consistent, reliable data gathering that’s superior to other satellite alternatives.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote on remote monitors for CP?

We customize your quote depending on the type of unit that you are interested in.

Can the OmniMetrix® Hero rectifier monitor GPS Interrupt?

Yes. Interrupt may be controlled remotely and scheduled in advance for automatic interrupt sessions.

Will the Hero work with any other brands of rectifier?

Certainly. Most brands and models can be monitored by the OmniMetrix Hero.

Do you charge for upgrades?

We are making improvements to OmniView® continually. There is no extra charge for software maintenance updates and improvements. These updates are processed over the air with our patented technology, OmniUpdate.

Do you have solar powered units?

The OmniMetrix Hero rectifier monitor may be powered by any DC source that provides 12- 48 VDC. This could include solar systems you may already have installed. OmniMetrix does not currently market any particular brand of solar power system.

Do you have a business case showing savings?

The typical payback cycle on the product is less than one year (versus site visits). Each customer’s return on investment is unique. With the proper input of the customer’s field costs, our business model can show you your exact savings.

Will your monitors work if a flood occurs?

Our Patriot test station monitor is sealed and provides full submersion protection to 4 to 5 feet. Our Hero rectifier monitor is mounted in an outdoor rated NEMA 4 enclosure for environmental protection, with a water tight seal. With the addition of Kearney Aquaseal (or similar product properly applied) to the connection hub, it is water resistant.

Can the Hero withstand lightning?

Not entirely. However, our StormSense technology can significantly reduce the risk of lightning damage by shutting down the unit when lightning is near.

Will your Patriot test station monitor calculate IR drop?

Yes it does. It can be presented automatically in reports and is available for trend graphing in OmniView.

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